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3 Online Platforms Offering Affordable Stay Options To Travel On A Budget Last Updated: February 28, 2022

Me in Kotor Hostel

What do you do when you are in your 20s and want to travel the world? You travel on a budget! 

I often get this feeling of exploring as many places as I can while I am healthy and young. 

Given the uncertainty that comes with the pandemic, it is not always a wise plan to book flights and accommodations months in advance. You end up paying more than what you wish for, as a result. Especially for flights. 

Visa fees can’t be saved. Flight tickets are usually a major expense. 

So where exactly can you try saving up so you can travel for longer? One of the best ways to travel on a budget is by saving up on stay!

If you are okay comprising on luxury for longer travels, then this article is for you!

I am going to be sharing three ways in which you can save up on accommodation as a budget traveller.

1. Couchsurfing

This is a great way to meet locals/people from other countries and exchange cultures. I love the concept of Couchsurfing as it does not just focus on free accommodation but a lot more than that. 

My first Couchsurfing experience was back in 2017 when I was travelling to Chicago. I stayed with a mid-aged marketing professional for 4 days. It was such a pleasant experience that I wanted to do it again! Although she was working while I was there, we made sure to grab dinner together on my last day and had conversations early morning before she left for work. She had a museum pass with which she could invite friends. So I got to see some of these museums for free! 

Couchsurfing is never about free stay but a lot about learning new languages and cultures. This is exactly why I love the concept so much. 

Fast forward to 2021, I visited Zurich which is quite an expensive city for a budget traveller. I spent three nights there and really didn’t want to compromise on the Swiss food like the cheese fondue. So I decided to couch surf on my last night. This was my second fantastic experience!

I stayed with a young and sweet girl. Since it was just one night, we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together but whatever little time we had with each other, it was filled with conversations on our countries and upbringing. 

If you are in your 20s and want to travel on a budget, I highly recommend experiencing Couchsurfing at least once.

Couchsurfing in Zurich
2. Hostels

This is a no brainer. Hostels are probably the best way to travel on a budget and also have the time of your life. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert or somewhere in the middle, hostels are a safe space for all kinds of travellers. But it’s important to pick a good hostel (I will talk about this in a separate article)

I usually do my hostel search on Hostel World. 

It’s a great platform focusing only on hostels across the world. You can filter your search based on price, review score, location etc. 

I rely quite a bit on reviews and location. It has worked out well for me as of yet!

Hostel life in Greece
3. AirBnB

This is probably the most expensive option out of the three but if you research well and if you are lucky, you can find really good stay options at a reasonable price on Airbnb. 

It also depends on the destination. Popular destinations will have higher rates. That being said, Airbnb is still a more cost-effective option as compared to hotels. You can get an entire apartment at the same price as a hotel room. 

They also have special rates for longer stays. 

There are a couple more ways to save up on stay while travelling for longer – you can volunteer abroad or get a part-time paid gig if you have the right visa to work abroad.

Airbnb can be quite fancy on a budget

What are your thoughts on this?

Are you a budget traveller? Tell me in the comments below!

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