Best Places to Try Local Vegetarian Food in Thailand Last Updated: July 10, 2023

Vegetarian Food in Thailand

Worried about vegetarian food in Thailand? The country has a wide range of delicious plant-based options that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you’re in for a treat!

In this article, I will be taking you through the best places for vegetarian food in Thailand. But if you want to know what are the local things to eat in Thailand as a vegetarian, then make sure to check out this article.

Now, I know it can be a bit overwhelming to decide where to eat with so many choices available. If you’re scratching your head and thinking, “Where should I go?” Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Let me help you with some best places for vegetarian food in Thailand.

So, first, let’s begin with Phuket.  If you’re craving some authentic vegetarian flavors, you can head to the following places.

Phuket Local Restaurant with Vegetarian Food

1. Sam Chor Restaurant: This restaurant in Phuket offers a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes like Pad Thai and Fried Rice. It is delicious with authentic flavors

2. Veganecessity: Situated in Patong, this cafe specializes in vegan cuisine, serving dishes like vegan tacos, vegan nugget wrap, and a range of meat-free burgers. This may not be a local Thai place but the food is absolutely worth trying!

3. Krua Aroy Jung: With tofu, mushrooms, and fresh vegetables on the menu, this vegetarian restaurant in Phuket Town serves a variety of Thai dishes.

4. Baan Rim Pa: This is a high-end fine dining restaurant offering high-quality vegetarian food with a gorgeous sea view. Do try their spring rolls, Fried rice, Massaman Curry, and water chestnut dessert served with sweetened coconut milk.

Now, let’s move on to the bustling city of Bangkok. The following are the most popular choices to dine in.

Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant in Bangkok

1. May Kaidee: With several locations in Bangkok, May Kaidee is a well-known vegetarian and vegan restaurant offering an extensive menu of Thai dishes, including pad Thai, green curry, and spicy salads.

2. Broccoli Revolution: Located in Sukhumvit, this trendy vegan eatery serves a range of plant-based dishes, including burgers, bowls, and smoothies.

3. Ethos Vegan Kitchen: Situated in the Old Town area, Ethos Vegan Kitchen is a popular spot for vegan food lovers, offering a diverse menu of international and Thai dishes.

4. Krua Boon Thai: “Krua” means Kitchen and “Boon’ means Merit. This vegetarian and vegan restaurant is 100% recommended for authentic Thai cuisine. They have 100+ food options that are entirely vegetarian or vegan. 

Alright, now let’s hop over to the beautiful island of Koh Samui with amazing options like:

Vikasa Yoga Cafe in Koh Samui

1. Greenlight Café: Located in Chaweng, Greenlight Café is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly eatery known for its healthy options, including salads, wraps, and smoothies.

2. Vikasa: It is a yoga cafe that offers mesmerizing views of the sea as well as delicious plant-based cuisine. Flavors burst from the freshest ingredients. The dim sums, wraps, and smoothies are all worth a try.

3. Vegan Green Samui: This restaurant in Lamai specializes in vegan and vegetarian cuisine, serving Thai and international dishes, such as curries, stir-fries, and soups.

4. Prego: In case you are tired of Thai food and want to try a different cuisine, check out Prego. It is a chain offering some great Italian food. Also, don’t forget to try their Mango Sangria!

Next up, we have Krabi. From Indian flavors to Thai delights. You name it, you will get it!!

1. Govinda’s: The vegetarian restaurant Govinda’s is located in Ao Nang and serves curries, biryanis, and dosas, all inspired by Indian cuisine.

2. Art Garden Café: Situated in Krabi Town, Art Garden Café features a vegetarian menu with Thai and international options, such as tofu stir-fries, veggie burgers, and pasta dishes.

3. Ruean Siam Vegetarian Restaurant: This restaurant in Ao Nang serves a variety of vegetarian and vegan Thai dishes, including tom yum soup, pad Thai, and green curry.

4. Dao Art Gallery & Café: Situated in Krabi Town, this vegetarian-friendly café serves a variety of Thai and fusion dishes, including vegetarian spring rolls and noodle soups.

Last but not least, let’s explore Koh Phangan, famous for its stunning beaches and vibrant food scene. 

Local food in Thailand that is vegetarian

1. Eat.co: This place offers delicious vegan and vegetarian options, including burgers, noodles, and smoothie bowls, on Koh Phangan.

2. Karma Kafé: The vegetarian and vegan-friendly Karma Kafé in Srithanu serves salads, wraps, and Buddha bowls as well as other healthy dishes.

3. Bamboo Hut: At Bamboo Hut in Haad Rin, the menu is focused on Thai cuisine, including curry, stir-fries, and rice dishes.

4. La Casa Tropicana: This restaurant serves vegans and vegetarians as well as meat lovers. The food is great, and the view of the sea is even better. On some days, you can take free salsa lessons. Don’t forget to check that out as well!

Thai Food


So, when you’re off to Krabi, Koh Phangan, or Koh Samui from Surat Thani town in Thailand, hop on a ferry—it’s the way to go! Now, let me spill the beans about this hidden gem called Lucky Restaurant. Seriously underrated, but trust me, it’s the best Thai spot in the country! They serve up lip-smacking local vegetarian and vegan delights that won’t cost a fortune. Make sure to try their refreshing Lemon Thai Iced Tea, the stunning Coconut Water with Butterfly Pea Ice, and their mouthwatering Fried Rice and Thai Curry. Your taste buds will thank you big time!

Now, my food-loving friends, if you’re still feeling a bit confused about where to satisfy your hunger, just let me know! I’ll be more than happy to offer some reliable suggestions based on your preferences and location. The veggie delights of Thailand await you, so go out there and savor the flavors!

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