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There are very few places that have truly touched my heart. Cadaqués is one of them. I am often asked about my favorite place I have ever visited. Although it is hard to pick one, Cadaqués definitely falls in my top three.

It is a small town in the Girona province in Spain located on a bay in the middle of the Cap de Creus peninsula.

Back in April 2019, I had taken a 10-day Easter trip to Costa Brava from one end to the other. This is a coastal region stretching from Northeast Spain all the way to the French border. Cadaqués falls towards the French end of Costa Brava.

Now I could write an article on my 10-day itinerary but Cadaqués needed an article of its own. The sheer beauty of the place will make you want to stay there for longer!

This is the place where Salvador Dali spent most of his childhood. If you are a Dali fan then this place is definitely a must-visit!

Salvador Dali statue
Salvador Dali statue in Cadaqués

Getting to Cadaqués is not very straightforward unless you have a car.

By Plane – you can fly to Girona and then rent a cab or drive yourself to Cadaqués. It is about two hours by road.

By Public transport – You can take a train to Figueres and then switch over to a bus to Cadaqués.

We were really lucky to have met someone in Figueres who offered to drive us to Cadaqués. It was about 45 minutes away from there.

Here’s what you should be doing when you are in Cadaqués.

Rent an AirBnB by the Mediterranean Sea

My friend and I got super lucky with a gorgeous AirBnB owned by an old man. It was right by the Sea. This is probably one of the reasons why I fell in love with the place!

To add to this, we also got a free wine tasting at the house since the house owner had his own winery in the region. We did not pay extra for this experience. It was only because of his goodwill.

This is the Airbnb where it all happened. Highly recommend staying here!

Street where my airbnb was
The street where our Airbnb was located

Explore the streets of Cadaqués

Cobbled streets, cats, and cute bohemian stores are such a few more reasons to love this town.

Each street offers something unique but the ones leading to the seafront are the ones you should check out first.

Some of the lanes are buzzing with restaurants and cafes throughout the day.

Cadaqués is really big on seafood since it is a coastal town. As a vegetarian, I struggled to find local food to eat. Besides, the restaurants serving a few vegetarian dishes were almost always packed. I survived on Italian food most of the time.

Cobbled streets of Cadaques
Cobbled streets of Cadaqués

Take a Boat Trip to Salvador Dali’s House

Port Lligat is a tiny village where Salvador Dali lived. This was his only house. A lot of art and history fanatics visit this side of Spain to learn more about Salvador Dali.

In Cadaqués, you will find a few companies selling boat tickets to visit Port Lligat and Cap De Creus along the rugged region of Costa Brava.

There are limited hours in a day when the boats operate. Out of the three days in Cadaqués, we managed to book an impromptu boat trip to see Salvador Dali’s House and the peninsula.

Boat Trip to Dali's House
Boat views on the way to Salvador Dali’s house

Visit The Church of Santa Maria

Walking up to The Church of Santa Maria is a must-do if you want to admire the beautiful skyline of Cadaqués. This is literally a Church with a view, located at the highest point of Cadaqués.

I am a sucker for panoramic views and this Church offers just that. Of course, the interiors of the church are pretty too but the view outside is to die for.

Church of Santa Maria
The Church of Santa Maria

Take a Dip in the Sea or Sunbathe on the Beaches of Cadaqués

April was not the best time to enjoy both as the weather was a bit chilly. But if you go in Summer, you can totally make the most out of this town by enjoying the beaches and getting those tan lines!

If you plan to go in any other season, then an alternate option would be to walk along the entire coast on which Cadaqués lies. It takes about an hour to walk by the sea and the best time to do this would be a little before sunset so you can enjoy it from the other side of the town.

Sunsets in Cadaques
Sunsets in Cadaqués

If the above reasons don’t make you want to visit Cadaqués then I don’t know what will!

Waking up to the sea every morning in Cadaqués was blissful. I have started dreaming of having a holiday home there for whenever I retire. I am sure you will too.

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  1. Could you resend the link to the Airbnb you stayed at in Cadaques as, when you click on it, it doesn’t show anything. Thanks.
    Incidentally, you can quite easily walk to Dali’s house in Port Liigat from Cadaques. It takes less than 20 mins 🙂
    If you are there again, you should also try the short trek ( about 90 mins) to Cap de Creus along the coastal path. Absolutely wonderful and I agree that Cadaques is a magical place!

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