There is an offbeat riverside farm stay in Karjat that you can’t miss! Last Updated: October 31, 2022

Me at Saveda farm, Karjat
Room views

Are you wondering where to go for a weekend getaway that is offbeat, secluded and surrounded by nature? 

If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place. 

Last weekend, I spent one night at a farm stay in Karjat and I cannot recommend it enough. Read on to know why. 

Karjat is slowly becoming a popular weekend getaway destination amongst people from Mumbai and Pune because of its close proximity to both cities. 

It is less than a 3-hour drive from Mumbai and Pune.

While there are several properties to check out in Karjat for the weekend, Saveda Farms stood out for me.
Reception at Saveda
At the Saveda Farms Entrance

Nestled in the Sahyadri mountain range near Karjat, Saveda Farms is an ideal break from the hustle-bustle of city life. 

The best part of this farm stay in Karjat is that it is situated on the banks of river Pej. You have direct access to this river from the property. 

This farm stay in Karjat is a 3-acre land on which the owners have built their own farm where they grow their own fruits, spices and veggies. They also look into cattle farming. 

Additionally, the property comprises 8 cottages for guests, a kitchen, a reception, a meditation/game area, and a warehouse where they make their own skincare and haircare products. Some cottages come with a river view and some with a garden view.

If you have never experienced staying on a farm, then you must definitely check out this farm stay in Karjat. 

The word ‘ Saveda’ stands for Sarva Veda which means all the Vedas. The crux of this farm stay relies on Ayurveda.
River view cottage
River view cottages

Right from growing their own produce to offering a farm-to-table experience to introducing the concept of sustainable minimalistic living to the guests to offering Ayurvedic massage therapies, Saveda Farms is nothing short of a dream when it comes to being in the most holistic environment for the mind, body & soul. 

The founders and the head chef at Saveda are from Kerala while the remaining staff at the farm is from local villages nearby. 

The food and interiors of this farm stay in Karjat are a mix of Kerala and Maharastra for this very reason.

On weekends, you also get to taste the ever-so-popular Kerala Sadya.
Kerala Sadya
Kerala Sadya

In case you don’t know what that is – Kerala Sadya is a traditional Kerala meal most famous amongst Malayalis, especially during the Onam festival in South India. 

It is a combination of 20-28 food items that are served on a banana leaf. 

Since the chef is from Kerala, you can trust Saveda to offer you the most authentic Kerala Sadya. 

To sum it up, here are 7 reasons why you should spend the weekend at Saveda Farms:

1. Experience the off-grid life by the river on a farm

Saveda started in December 2021. It is a fairly new property less than one-year-old. When they started out, they wanted guests to have the most original rural experience.

They did this by not installing any ACs and TVs in the cottages, to begin with. But in some months, it got really warm and the guests couldn’t take the heat so ACs are now installed but you won’t find any televisions anywhere at the property. 

There is a limited network connection (poor wifi too) which means you are forced to spend more time in nature and enjoy the beauty of it. 

There is a luxury in that too. You need to experience it to know what I am talking about. 

The place is extremely quiet during the day and at night. You can meditate, do yoga, listen to music, talk to the locals or simply enjoy the sounds of nature around you. 

I highly recommend you to take the Riverview cottage as waking up to the fast-flowing waters of the river is the best thing you can ask for in the morning.

River Pej
River Pej

2. Indulge in some Ayurvedic therapies

Saveda has a variety of Ayurvedic massage therapies that they offer at the property itself. They have a local masseuse specializing in these therapies. The massages start from Rs 800 and go all the way up to Rs 4000 depending on the duration of the massage and the type of massage that you opt for. 

They have a basic massage room with essential oils that they themselves. 

Sadly during my stay, I did not get to experience this as the masseuse wasn’t available. It is better to book a massage of your choice in advance.

Ayurvedic products
Ayurvedic products of Saveda
3. Learn about farming with a private Farm Tour including ‘cow’mmunication

Some people visit Saveda as a day trip where they do a farm tour, have lunch at the farm and relax for a few hours at the property instead of staying the night there. 

While the rooms are slightly overpriced in my opinion, I would still recommend you to try spending at least one night in the cottages so you get to experience everything that Saveda has to offer. 

A day trip may or may not suffice. 

One of the highlights for me at Saveda was the farm tour. It lasted 45 minutes and one of the staff members walked us through the entire farm. 

The tour started with a visit to their small Ganpati temple located at the entrance of the farm.

We then continued to learn about all the different kinds of products that are grown there. Some of the things include cucumber, sandalwood, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli and ladyfinger. We also got to try one of the smallest oranges in the world – the CHINESE orange.

Besides organic farming, they also look into cattle farming. We got to meet the cattle and communicate with them. They are well-fed with the grass that is grown on the farm itself and the activity of communicating with them is what they call ‘cow’mmunication.

4. Spend quality time with your folks or by yourself in the common area

The common area at Saveda is used for yoga/meditation and also as an indoor games room where they have board games and a music system.

In your cottage, you will also find a yoga mat that can be used for yoga and meditation.

Usually, after sunset, there is not much to do at the farm, so you can spend your evenings here with your family and friends or chat with the local staff there who will teach you more about rural life that is minimalistic and sustainable.

Common area in Saveda
Common area at Saveda
5. Learn soap-making and ghee making

As I said earlier, Saveda makes its own haircare and skincare products. They also make their own spices and oils. 

All these products are available for sale at reception. If you spend a night with them, you get a flat 15% off on all their products. 

Besides this, they also teach you how to make your own soap. 

When you are doing a farm tour with them, they also show you how they make their own ghee from cow’s milk. This ghee is also up for sale. 

While we didn’t get to see the ghee-making process since it is done only once or twice a month, we were explained how it is made using biogas. 

We got to try fresh buttermilk from the cow’s milk too. 

All these activities can only be done during the day before lunchtime.

Ghee making
Fresh ghee in the making
6. Indulge in the most authentic cuisine from Kerala and Maharashtra

If you had to take a day trip to Saveda instead of staying here, I would suggest you do it for the Kerala Sadya. It is SO worth it!

This traditional meal is cooked by their head chef who is originally from Kerala. The timings are 1 PM to 2:30 PM. 

The kitchen area has benches for the guests and a live kitchen.

Usually, there is a buffer for dinner and a set meal for lunch in the form of Kerala Sadya. 

Breakfast is included with your stay but the other two meals come at an additional cost. 

Dinner includes a Maharathrian Thali with rice, roti, 2-3 curries, dal, papad and buttermilk. 

Breakfast includes a mix of Maharashtrian and South Indian spread with dosa, chutney, sambar, poha, apple juice and/or tea and coffee. 

The food here is homecooked by the chef. Most of it is healthy and extremely delicious!!

Did I mention it is all VEGETARIAN? If you want to include meat or fish in your food, you need to inform them in advance.

Taking a day trip for the food is a great idea if you don’t want to spend the night here!

Maharashtrian lunch
Maharashtrian lunch at Saveda
7. Location is just perfect for people from Mumbai & Pune

It was a 2-hour drive for me from where I live in Mumbai. On average, it should not take you more than 3 hours from anywhere in Mumbai and Pune to get to this place.

The farm stay is quite close to ND studio where the popular Indian Reality TV Show Big Boss is shot. 

There are quite a few treks not very far from Saveda that you can opt for. Start with a trek early morning and head to Saveda to spend the day or a night there for an ideal weekend getaway.

Room view
Views outside my cottage

Have I convinced you enough to stay at this gorgeous farm stay in Karjat?

Feel free to reach out to the property directly on 9324908189 or email them at info@savedafarms.com for any queries.

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